Eco-Tuff Clear Coat

a zero-VOC, high-build, high-flex ultra-tough waterproof coating material
by Eco Safety Products

Eco-TuffTM High Traffic Acrylic-Urethane Clear Coat is the world's leading environmentally compliant safety coating that outperforms all other floor coating products. The advanced formulation of cross-linking modified acrylics, urethanes, and co-polymers delivers a Green Building compliant high traffic finish coating with superior durability, flexibility, and safety.

Eco-Tuff is a single component, zero-VOC, high-build, high-flex ultra-tough waterproof coating material. There are no hazardous ingredients, it is non-flammable and virtually odorless. It is engineered for the most extreme environments from freezing cold temperatures to the hottest climates around the world. It is capable of withstanding abrasion, UV, chemicals, hot tire pick-up, and submersible applications.

Eco-Tuff Clear Coat Data Sheet


Green Building Compliant Non-Hazardous Non-Flammable
Cross-Linking Technology Zero-VOC Virtually Odorless
Will Not Chip Will Not Flake Will Not Peel
Waterproof UV Resistant Chemical Resistant
Abrasion Resistant Stain Resistant Hot Tire Pick-Up Resistant
high-build high-flexibility Submersible Formulation
Adhesion Stronger Than Substrate Outstanding Durability Superior Technology
Unlimited Applications Custom Color Palette Fast Cure
Self Leveling Easily Repairable Easy Soap & Water Cleanup


Consumer & Installer Demands Conventional Coatings Eco-TuffTM
Green Building LEED Compliant No Yes
Zero-VOC No Yes
Virtually Odorless No Yes
Non-Hazardous No Yes
Non-Flammable No Yes
UV, Adhesion, Chemical Resistant No Yes
high-build & high-flex No Yes
Submersible Formulation No Yes
Self Bonding, Easily Repairable No Yes

High-flex: Eco-Tuff has the unique ability to provide maximum pliability for substrates that naturally expand and contract. Conventional coating materials will eventually crack when subjected to such shifts and will lead to premature failure. Eco-Tuff offers maximum life of your investment. 

High-build: Eco-Tuff applies at 1/16" and up to 1/4" depending on the number of topcoats. The mil thickness is up to 30 times that of conventional epoxy, urethane, or similar finish coating material, offering years of durability and easily repairable self-bonding capability.

Performance and Durability: Eco-TuffTM is a superior, long-lasting, ultra-durable safety coating for use in outdoor, indoor, and submersible environments. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions due to its unique chemistry and flexibility. Adhesion tests also confirm the ultra-tough bond is stronger than the substrate material, where the substrate will give way before adhesion failure.

Country of Manufacture:  United States

Technical Data

Eco-Tuff Clear Coat MSDS - Standard Formula
Eco-Tuff Clear Coat MSDS - Wood/Flex Formula
Eco-Tuff Clear Coat MSDS - AQ Formula

The Technology: Eco-TuffTM is engineered as a high-performance, professional-grade environmentally-compliant coating. The advanced chemistry consists of proprietary modified acrylics, urethanes, and copolymers that contain no VOC's, hazardous or flammable ingredients. The technology effectively replaces conventional epoxies, urethanes, and water-based coatings where the demand for a green building compliant and extreme durability is required. Installation Eco-Tuff Installation Guide 

The Eco-Tuff Clear Coat system requires the installation of Eco-Tuff 2-Part WB Primer/Sealer, a waterproofing clear primer that prevents moisture penetration and creates the permanent chemical bond with the topcoat for maximum life and performance.Suggested UseEco-Tuff Clear Coat may be applied directly over Acri-Soy Sealers for a compatible system, however, the life span may be shortened depending on the application. May be used on concrete, wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces.

Benefits and Certifications

CSI Divisions:

  • Division 3 - Concrete, 03 3500 Concrete Finishing, 03 4800 PreCast Concrete Specialties

  • Division 9 - Finishes, 09 9400 Decorative Finishing, 09 6100 Flooring Treatment, 09 6700 Fluid Applied Flooring, 09 9600 High-Performance Coating, 09 9700 Special Coating

  • Division 7 - Thermal & Moisture Protection, 071900 Water Repellent
LEED Green Building Rating System:

Materials & Resources:
  • Building Reuse, MR Credit
  • Local/Regional Materials, MR Credit
Indoor Environmental Quality:
  • Low-Emitting Materials, EQ Credit


Each formulation is customized for its intended application.

Approximate Spread Rates:
250-300 sq.t/gal.per coat.2 coat application required. We recommend 3 coats for heavy industrial applications. The original formulations result in a gloss finish but are now available in matte as well.