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  TerraCycle Plantable Coir Pot (6")
TerraCycle Plantable Coir Pot 6in.jpg
DwellSmart is proud to partner with TerraCycle to provide you the opportunity to purchase from the growing range of TerraCycle products. To view our complete TerraCycle collection, please visit TerraCycle Products. Visit TerraCycle

The TerraCycle Plantable Coir Pot with expanding potting mix wafer is the ultimate eco-friendly pot. This pot is perfect for seed starting and transplanting. The Plantable Coir Pot retains moisture, has excellent drainage, and promotes healthy roots for your plants. 1) Use alone or, for best results, place coir pot inside a slightly larger plastic pot. 2) Place unwrapped wafer in pot. 3) Slowly add water while mixing slightly. 4) Plant seed or seedling directly in expanded mix. 5) When roots begin to show, transplant the entire coir pot. Please see this video for a demonstration and more information about the coir pot and expanding wafer.

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