Samantahroma Wrinkle Repair Review

After following in love with the Samantharoma Deodorant, I decided to try Samantha's Wrinkle Repair Complex. I figured I could use all the help I could get. I trusted her product and ingredients as the wrinkle repair complex scores a zero (lowest rating) hazard score on the Cosmetic Database.

It is hard to perform a good control test with environmental variables such as sun exposure, quality and quantity of sleep, stress levels, and more. So, I decided I would apply the wrinkle repair complex to just one side of my face (the right side). I applied it morning and night just dabbing a few drops where I have the most, well umm, 'character'. My signs of wisdom now include smile lines, squint lines, deep-in-thought forehead lines, and the probably there since birth - furrowed brow (here's a picture of my adorable son highlighting our genetic proclivity to the furrowed brow).

Well, after this two-week experiment, I was quite pleased with the results. In the interest of avoiding a smile and showing some detail, these photos are not flattering and perhaps down right scary! But, they do show a considerable difference in the right and left side of my face.

Most amazingly, the right half of my furrowed brow just about disappeared after two weeks with the Wrinkle Repair Complex.



OK, so that is my right side there on the left. It's a little confusing I know. This was cropped from a mug shot taken after applying the Samantharoma Wrinkle Repair Complex for two weeks. My rosacea (redness) is reduced. My furrowed brow is essentially gone. My smile line is not as deep. And, other fine lines are reduced.

And, that's the left side of my face there on the right. Well, that's about how both sides started at the beginning of my experiment.

I didn't touch up this 'after photo', but I did divide the two sides of my face to help highlight the difference .. and to reduce the chances that this mug shot shows up somewhere else on the net.


I also applied the product to the right side of my neck and noticed a slight improvement in this area. It was all enough to convince me, and now I'm a regular and happy user - on both sides of my face.