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DwellSmart is the Official Online Retailer for TerraCycle, a company reducing waste by finding innovative uses for materials others deem garbage. TerraCycle pays non-profits and schools to collect used drink pouches, yogurt cups, chip bags and more! TerraCycle also collects industrial waste. The materials are upcycled into affordable, high-quality products. Please click here for more information about TerraCycle product availability.    Visit TerraCycle to learn more or to sign up for waste collection programs.
TerraCycle Fire Starters.jpg
TerraCycle Fire Starters
24 count, made with waste wood shavings
Price: $4.99
TerraCycle Plant Caddy.jpg
TerraCycle Plant Caddy
made with recycled juice pouches
Price: $17.99
TerraCycle Watering Can - Thumbnail.jpg
TerraCycle Watering Can
made with recycled juice pouches and snack wrappers
Price: $11.99
Transit Bench thumbnail.png
TerraCycle Transit Bench
durable 100% recycled plastic slats
Price: $975.00
Adirondack Chair Thumbnail.jpg
TerraCycle Adirondack Chair
comfortable, ecofriendly, non-toxic
Price: $1,033.00
Hexagonal Picnic Table thumbnail.png
TerraCycle Hexagonal Picnic Table
walk-thru legs for easy seating, solid single piece seats
Price: $1,580.00
Flat Bench Thumbnail.jpg
TerraCycle Flat Bench
made from 100% recycled plastic¾
Price: $580.00 – $845.00
High Back Park Bench thumbnail.jpg
TerraCycle High Back Park Bench
made from 100% recycled plastic¾
Price: $650.00 – $1,209.00
ADA High Back Park Bench Thumbnail.jpg
TerraCycle ADA High Back Park Bench
designed to withstand brutal environmental elements¾
Price: $1,274.00 – $1,450.00
Childrens Picnic Table Thumbnail.png
TerraCycle Childrens Picnic Table
durable and just the right size for kids
Price: $605.00 – $965.00
Bike Rack Thumbnail.jpg
TerraCycle Bike Rack
will not rust, rot, crack or splinter
Price: $845.00 – $1,690.00
Deluxe Walk Thru Picnic Table.jpg
TerraCycle Deluxe Walk Thru Picnic Table
stylish with rugged durability¾
Price: $1,370.00 – $1,810.00
A Frame Step Over Picnic Table.jpg
TerraCycle A Frame Step Over Picnic Table
maintenance-free outdoor seating
Price: $1,590.00 – $2,075.00
Waste Receptacle Aluminum Rings.jpg
TerraCycle Waste Receptacle Aluminum Rings
32 gallon, durable, maintenance-free
Price: $725.00
Waste Receptacle.jpg
TerraCycle Waste Receptacle
32 gallon, durable, maintenance-free
Price: $725.00
Wheel Stop.jpg
TerraCycle Car Wheel Stop
maintenance-free, long lasting
Price: $85.00