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  Mabu Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth
Mabu wood cleaning cloth Mabu Cloths are available as singles or 3-packs. Mabu, like the Duzi cleaning cloths, rinse 99.99% bacteria free. They are super absorbent and long lasting. Kick the paper towel habit and save money with Mabu.

The Mabu cleaning cloth is made from 100% natural wood fiber. It features an 8-layer design that promotes durability yet provides for a soft touch. An open weave means that debris is not trapped, so the cloth can be rinsed thoroughly to avoid the sour smells common with ordinary sponges and cloths. A Mabu cleans and dries with a single stroke. You can use it with soap, but the Mabu cloth performs great with plain water.

Dimensions: 11.4" x 11.4" (29cm x 29cm).

Mabu bacteria-fighting cloths rinse out 99.99% germ free.

Super absorbent, stain resistant. This eco-friendly cloth rinses 99.99% germ free. And, it also saves you money.

First rinse out the starch stiffener. Once you’ve rinsed out the vegetable starch stiffener, you’ll find it’s hard to believe your soft, thick, absorbent Mabu is made from wood. Mabu is machine washable (use gentle cycle). Air drying will help it last longer.

Amazingly rinsable! Mabu rinses germ-free like no other cloth. Lab tests show that it rinses 99.99% free of bacteria under warm tap water. Compare that to results as low as 25% for sponges and cotton or felted cloths.

No more spreading germs! No more sour dishcloth smells! Mabu resists stains and odors. It stays fresh and clean. It grabs but does not trap dirt and germs. Then it releases them thoroughly with simple rinsing with warm tap water. Other cloths don’t rinse as clean – you are actually spreading dirt and germs that stayed trapped in your cloths or sponges.

Saves you money! Mabu Cloth works well with plain water. Mabu is soft and more absorbent than cotton, but its mesh has surprising scrubbing power. You won’t need so many expensive chemicals for cleaning. You’ll cut down on costly paper towels. And Mabu lasts for months.

Good environmental qualities: With Mabu you’ll need fewer harmful cleaning chemicals. Mabu’s wood fiber is biodegradable and compostable.

Clever open-weave, 8-layer design: The 8 open-weave layers are cleverly designed so that bacteria and particles rinse away easily. The natural properties of the wood fiber resist stains and odors.

Discover Mabu Cloth’s many uses: For dishes, sinks, baby toys, sticky fingers, counters, appliances, doors, floors, walls, windows, cars, boats and furniture (wonderful on leather). Use it for wiping, polishing or scrubbing. A damp Mabu is a perfect duster, far better than chemically treated throw-away cloths. A damp Mabu is also great for picnics and camping trips. Used in homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, dentist and doctor’s offices and labs.

WARNING: ☺ After you’ve used Mabu it is very difficult to use any other cloth. Make sure you have enough because, like many people, you may find you have a strong urge to give them to your friends and family who haven’t tried Mabu Cloth yet.
$3.65 – $9.95

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