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soaps and lotions for the face and body
Plantlife Aromatherapy Soaps.jpg
Plantlife Aromatherapy Soaps
contain no preservatives, colorants or synthetic fragrance
Price: $3.71
herban cowboy milled soap
Herban Cowboy Bar Soap
all natural, vegetable-based
Price: $3.19 – $3.71
bamboo soap tray.JPG
Bamboo Soap Dish
made from sustainable bamboo, this soap dish is perfect for our bar soaps
Price: $14.25
ramie soap sack - for gentle exfoliation
Ramie Soap Sack
made from natural plant fibers, great for gentle exfoliation
Price: $4.50
Dr Bronners Almond Castile Soap.jpg
Dr Bronner's Castile Soap
natural, vegetable-based castile soaps
Price: $7.87 – $12.74
bamboo soap dispenser.JPG
Bamboo Soap Dispenser
made with stylish, sustainable bamboo
Price: $22.46
bamboo wash cloth
Bamboo Washcloths - Set of 3
made from organic bamboo and recycled polyester
Price: $7.46
desert essence lip rescue
Desert Essence Lip Rescue
saves your lips with all natural ingredients
Price: $1.88
therapeutic bath salts
Therapeutic Bath Salts - 16oz
leave your body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed
Price: $12.00
all terrain adult bandages
All Terrain Bandages
latex-free bandages
Price: $2.96
Samantharoma Bug Spray.jpg
Samantharoma Buzz-Off Spray
natural pest repellant
Price: $7.46
Samantharoma Body Butter.jpg
Samantharoma Body Butter
moisturizes and protects all skin types
Price: $10.46
Samantharoma Wrinkle Repair Complex.jpg
Samantharoma Wrinkle Repair Complex
reduce wrinkles and fine lines
Price: $13.50
Samantharoma Facial Soap.jpg
Samantharoma Facial Soap
hand-made soap with calendula to soothe facial skin
Price: $4.50
Soap Saver.jpg
Soap Saver
made from pure white pine, a sustainable wood
Price: $3.71
Pumice Stone.jpg
Pumice Stone
volvanic lava stone
Price: $5.21
deep steep foaming hand wash.jpg
Deep Steep Foaming Handwash
organic foaming handwash
Price: $5.21
Deep Steep Body Lotion
deep steep body lotion
Price: $7.13
deep steep moisture stick.jpg
Deep Steep Moisture Stick
softens and protects dry skin
Price: $3.71
Deep Steep Candy Mint Foot Stick.jpg
Deep Steep Foot Moisture Stick - Candy Mint
ideal for feet in need of attention
Price: $3.71
Plantlife Herbal Lip Balm.jpg
Plantlife Herbal Lip Balm
soothing, moisturizing and healing
Price: $2.06
Plantlife Soap-Salt Gift Set - Relief.jpg
Plantlife Soap/Salt Gift Set - Relief
gift pack with two soaps and two mineral bath salts
Price: $14.96
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Detox.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Detox
detoxify with refreshing lemongrass
Price: $15.71
panda kid mitt.jpg
Panda Kid Mitt
soft, absorbent and really cute.
Price: $3.00
Deep Steep Foaming Handwash Refill
organic foaming handwash refill
Price: $7.46
greenbug for people.jpg
Green Bug For People
natural pest repellent
Price: $6.71
greenbug for indoors.jpeg
Green Bug For Indoors
natural pest repellent for your home
Price: $32.95
SafeChoice Head and Body Shampoo.jpg
SafeChoice Head & Body Shampoo
a unique, odorless, fragrance and dye-free head and body shampoo
Price: $12.90
Deep Steep Terrific Trio Gift Set - Honeydew-Spearmint.jpg
Deep Steep Terrific Trio Gift Set
body wash, bubble bath & body butter
Price: $22.46
Deep Steep  Body Wash - Honeydew Spearmint.jpg
Deep Steep Body Wash
rich moisturizing lather, gentle and effective cleansing


Price: $6.71
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