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Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Detox.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Detox
detoxify with refreshing lemongrass
Price: $15.71
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Balance.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Balance
supports internal balance
Price: $15.71
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Rejuvenate.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Rejuvenate
excellent for the cold and flu season
Price: $15.71
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Lavender.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Lavender
a great soothing set for everyone!
Price: $15.71
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Stress Relief.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Stress Relief
a calming way to unwind
Price: $15.71
Plantlife Soap Gift Set - Earth.jpg
Plantlife Soap Gift Set - Earth
gift pack of four aromatherapy soap favorites
Price: $14.96
Plantlife Soap-Salt Gift Set - Relief.jpg
Plantlife Soap/Salt Gift Set - Relief
gift pack with two soaps and two mineral bath salts
Price: $14.96
Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oil - 4 Pack.jpg
Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oil - 4 Pack
gift pack of four massage oil favorites
Price: $23.99
Plantlife Aromatherapy Soap Sampler.jpg
Plantlife Aromatherapy Soap Sampler
a sample of favorite soaps
Price: $7.43
Plantlife Aromatherapy Soaps.jpg
Plantlife Aromatherapy Soaps
contain no preservatives, colorants or synthetic fragrance
Price: $3.71
ramie soap sack - for gentle exfoliation
Ramie Soap Sack
made from natural plant fibers, great for gentle exfoliation
Price: $4.50
therapeutic bath salts
Therapeutic Bath Salts - 16oz
leave your body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed
Price: $12.00
therapeutic bath salts
Therapeutic Bath Salts - 3oz
soothing salt for 1 to 3 baths
Price: $3.38
Plantlife Herbal Lip Balm.jpg
Plantlife Herbal Lip Balm
soothing, moisturizing and healing
Price: $2.06
Plantlife PeppyMint Lip Balm.jpg
Plantlife PeppyMint Lip Balm
cool, tingly, and ultra moisturizing
Price: $2.06
Octopus Ramie Scrubber.jpg
Octopus Ramie Scrubber
a fun and functional bath toy
Price: $3.71
Whale Ramie Scrubber.jpg
Whale Ramie Scrubber
a fun and functional bath toy
Price: $3.71
Ramie Panda Mitt.jpg
Ramie Panda Mitt
super cute, for any age
Price: $4.46