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Marmoleum floors are made from materials abundant in nature and produced in an environmentally-friendly manner:

  • Linseed oil from specially cultivated Canadian flax,
  • Wood flour from European trees,
  • Rosin tapped from Portuguese pine trees,
  • Jute from India and Bangladesh,
  • And very finely ground limestone.

Marmoleum is fully biodegradable after 25 to 40 years’ use. In this way the product eventually gives its materials back to nature.

Marmoleum is also hygienic and anti-static. A dust-free house is healthier for asthma and allergies triggered by dust mites, and flooring is an important factor because lots of dust can build up there. Because of its anti-static properties, Marmoleum is easy to keep dust-free. Laboratory studies have also shown Marmoleum to be bacteriostatic: micro-organisms do not thrive easily on it, which makes the floor naturally hygienic.

In addition to the sheet product sold by the yard, Marmoleum is available as 13"x13" or 20"x20" glue-down tiles or as a click product allowing easy, adhesive-free installation over a variety of subfloors. For the tiles, the linoleum is adhered to a polyester backing. The click product consists of linoleum over a layer of high-density fiberboard (HDF) with a cork underlayment.

    Marmoleum Sheet
    for glue-down installation
    Marmoleum Tile
    for glue-down installation
    Marmoleum Click
    easy to install panels and squares
    Marmoleum Bulletin Board by Forbo
    a versatile and useful covering for walls and partitions
    Marmoleum Care
    cleaning and finishing products
    Forbo Installation Accessories
    rugged transitions, eligible for LEED credits