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  Wasp Deterrent
Wasp Deterrent Wasps are very territorial creatures. An average wasp nest has a 200-foot territorial radius. When wasps see your decoy wasp nest, they'll instinctively flee the area. The colors and patterns of the decoy wasp nest work to repel yellow jackets and other stinging insects as well. This is an effective wasp deterrent and a great, natural alternative to insecticides. And the lantern-like design makes it attractive to hang in your garden or on your deck or patio. Each package contains two decoy nests. You can use one for your front yard and one for your back yard. Or share one with your neighbor (or else your wasps may just move next door!)

Each decoy nest measures 10" in diameter. Made of a wire frame with wax-coated paper (not plastic film, like competing models). Rain and weather resistant (though not fully waterproof - we recommend taking the decoy nest indoors during extended periods of heavy rain if it is placed somewhere that it will get wet).
(Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)

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