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ecojot mini - apples and oranges.jpg
ecojot Mini Notebook - Apples & Oranges
3x4 mini notebook, 100% recycled
Price: $3.38
Ecojot Jumbo Journal - Forest.jpg
ecojot Jumbo Journal - Forest
6x9 journal, 100% recycled
Price: $11.25
Stainless Lunch Jar - Black.jpg
Stainless Steel Lunch Jar - Black
insulated walls and vacuum seal to keep foods hot or cold
Price: $11.99
bento power lunch.jpg
Bento Power Lunch System v2.0
Bento Power Lunch System v2.0
Price: $33.74
Beeswax Love Candle
Beeswax Love Candle
Price: $7.49 – $14.99
Beeswax Honeycomb Pillar Candle
100% pure, triple-filtered beeswax
Price: $9.00 – $9.71
Beeswax Pine Cone Candle - Large
100% pure, triple-filtered beeswax
Price: $11.99
Beeswax Pine Cone Candle - Small
100% pure, triple-filtered beeswax
Price: $5.09
deep steep foaming hand wash.jpg
Deep Steep Foaming Handwash
organic foaming handwash
Price: $5.21
Deep Steep Foaming Handwash Refill
organic foaming handwash refill
Price: $7.46
Deep Steep Terrific Trio Gift Set - Honeydew-Spearmint.jpg
Deep Steep Terrific Trio Gift Set
body wash, bubble bath & body butter
Price: $22.46
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Detox.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Detox
detoxify with refreshing lemongrass
Price: $15.71
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Balance.jpg
Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit - Balance
supports internal balance
Price: $15.71
ChicoBag Karma Assortment.jpg
ChicoBag Vita - Karma Collection
colorful ChicoBags with nature prints
Price: $8.99
ChicoBag Messenger - Amethyst.jpg
ChicoBag Messenger rePETe
so practical and versatile .. don't leave home without it!
Price: $17.99
Chicobag Daypack Collection.jpg
ChicoBag Daypack rePETe 15
a perfect travel companion!
Price: $18.74
ChicoBag Duffel rePETe - Red.jpg
ChicoBag Duffel rePETe
the perfect travel accessory, just 10.5 oz
Price: $22.49
bambu coasters.jpg
Bamboo Coaster
made from organic, sustainable bamboo
Price: $4.00
TerraCycle Circuit Board Coasters.jpg
TerraCycle Circuit Board Coasters
made from retired circuit boards, set of 6 coasters
Price: $9.99
TerraCycle Corkboard - Private Label.gif
TerraCycle Wine Corkboard - Vineyard
recycled from cork, vineyard and winery names are shown
Price: $11.99
TerraCycle Messenger Bag - Clif Bar
upcycled from Clif Bar packaging material
Price: $14.99
TerraCycle Bird Feeder Starter Kit - 4-pack.jpg
TerraCycle Bird Feeder Starter Kit (4pk)
assemble four bird feeders
Price: $4.99
TerraCycle Urban Art Pot
TerraCycle Urban Art Pot - 8"
made from crushed computers and fax machines
Price: $5.99
Fiber Pot Red.jpg
TerraCycle Fiber Pot & Saucer - Red 6"
made from rice husks, and bamboo and coconut fibers
Price: $3.99
TerraCycle Corkboard - Private Label.gif
TerraCycle Corkboard - Private Label
a handy corkboard made from re-purposed wine corks, vineyard names are not shown
Price: $11.99
TerraCycle Clipboard - Circuit Board
a handy clipboard for the technically inclined
Price: $2.99
TerraCycle Gift Set - Jewelry.jpg
TerraCycle Gift Set - Jewelry
a pendant necklace and stud earrings beautifully crafted from reclaimed silver and cubic zirconia
Price: $32.00
TerraCycle Gift Set - Circuit Board.jpg
TerraCycle Gift Set - Circuits
a great gift set for the technically inclined!
Price: $20.00
Lunchskins - Sandwich Bag - Red Applel.jpg
Lunchskins Sandwich Bag - Red Apple
dishwasher safe, made in the USA
Price: $6.71
snack berry.jpg
Lunchskins Snack Bag - Berry Polka Dot
dishwasher safe, made in the USA
Price: $5.89
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