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ChicoBag Karma Assortment.jpg
ChicoBag Vita - Karma Collection
colorful ChicoBags with nature prints
Price: $8.99
ChicoBag Messenger - Amethyst.jpg
ChicoBag Messenger rePETe
so practical and versatile .. don't leave home without it!
Price: $17.99
Chicobag Daypack Collection.jpg
ChicoBag Daypack rePETe 15
a perfect travel companion!
Price: $18.74
ChicoBag - Red Snowman.jpg
ChicoBag Snowman - Red
a limited edition holiday bag
Price: $5.99
ChicoBag Duffel rePETe - Red.jpg
ChicoBag Duffel rePETe
the perfect travel accessory, just 10.5 oz
Price: $22.49