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  Toilet Tummy
toilet tummy.JPG Tame your toilet with a Toilet Tummy™. The Toilet Tummy™ is a widely recognized water saving product that’s effective, low in cost, maintenance free, and user friendly. Invented 20 years ago, millions have been sold and remain in successful operation, saving water every day. The Toilet Tummy™ is the least complex and easiest to use toilet tank water saving product; just fill with water and hang on the inside of the toilet tank wall then forget about it. It can save 80 to 160 oz. of water per flush, depending upon whether one or two are used.

The Toilet Tummy™ is lightweight, and never needs maintenance. With the average person flushing a toilet at least six times per day, the Toilet Tummy’s™ water savings add up quickly!
(Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)

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