About Us

DwellSmart’s mission is to help protect and improve the health of individuals and the environment. All of our products meet one or more of our core criteria:

  • Sustain - products made from rapidly renewable or abundant materials that avoid the use of finite resources; products made with low impact materials that are extracted or produced using organic, natural methods
  • Protect - products that promote health, purify air and water in homes, or serve as non-toxic alternatives to conventional products
  • Conserve - products that promote efficiency and lower the consumption of energy, water, or natural resources
  • Reduce - products that reduce the consumption of resources by promoting reuse, minimizing the use of disposables, and/or using recycled materials
  • Share - products made by manufacturers that abide by fair trade principles and show commitment to community service
At DwellSmart, we strive to minimize our environmental impact. We reuse many of the byproduct materials we receive with inbound shipments. Boxes and packing materials are reused ship outbound web orders. After looking for possible ways to reuse items, we recycle all waste when possible or donate for others to use.

DwellSmart has served the online and Charleston community since 2007. We have learned from our customers with a store for our first three years in Mount Pleasant and the following seven years in Charleston. We are currently focused on supporting all of our online customers but welcome calls for any particular assistance from our local customer base. 

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Please call us at 843-805-7055 with any questions.       

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